WANT to eat healthily, BUT YOU LOVE PIZZA?

You do not have it to give up.
As part of a healthy diet we can bring several super healthy vychytáviek:
 whole grain pizza, pasta and whole grain štangličku the salad.
Just when you tell us that you'd like whole grain alternative to any pizza or pasta and at no extra cost to you prepare it.

Your Olivo


120 Mediterranean salad of lettuce with rocket ,
cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, olive oil, balsamic and parmesan cheese pizza with a home bar
(1, 7) 190 g 4.49 €

121 Salad a la Caprese
mix of fresh salads rocket and Mozzarella
tomatoes, lightly with olive oil, the whole grain pizza bar
(1, 7) 270 g 4.69 €

123 Greek salad feta cheese, black olives
lightly with olive oil to domestic pizza bar
(1) 250 g 4.79 €

124 Italian salad with prosciutto

with roasted bacon, green olives and dried tomatoes, rocket and cherry tomatoes, with olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan pizza bar 290 g (1.7) 5,19 €
125 Salad with juicy ministeakmi chicken
flavored fresh ground black pepper, the dried tomatoes, arugula, cherry tomatoes, green olives, with olive oil, sunflower seeds lightly sprinkled with parmesan cheese with whole wheat pizza bar
(1, 7) 300 g 5.19 €

127 Norwegian salad with salmon and dill dip
with fresh salad, arugula, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers served with whole grain bar (1,4,7,10) 300 g 5.29 €

128 Caesar salad with slices of grilled chicken The mask ,
with baked bacon, tomatoes and French
dressing and Parmesan, served with whole wheat
pizza bar (1,7,10) 300 g 4.89 €

129 Salad chicken steak with a decent
fresh salad with rocket, cherry tomatoes and chicken steak with herb butter pet, served with yogurt and fresh pizza dip stick
(1, 7) 350 g 5.19 €

French Dressing
Dijon mustard, olive oil, whole mustard, sour cream (7.10) 70 g 0.69 €

Yoghurt dressing with herbs

plain yoghurt, fresh herbs, sour cream, garlic

(7) 70g 0,69 €