Lunch menu



Lunch menu on the website fulfills informative, restaurant reserves the right to change prices and menu. We try, however, always bring you accurate information.

  TIMES LUNCH MENU Monday to Friday  
  Soup according to daily offer  
M 24 120/200g Chicken steak with cheese sauce and baked potato chips 1.7 € 4.39
M 25 120/200g Chicken steak with cream sauce from forest mushrooms and mushrooms in rice 1.7 € 4.29
M 27  300g Penne with soft cheese sauce 1.7 € 4.19
M 28  270g Vegetable salad with chicken steak and rice 1.7 € 4.29
M 29  270g  Salad Caesar with gril.kur.mäskom, bacon and roast franc.dressingom and pizza i. 1,7,10 € 4.39
M 30  120/200g Kur.steak grilled with BBQ sauce, roasted bacon and onion with opek.zem. 10 € 4.29