Home made cakes and desserts

You also have the feeling that truly homemade cakes as they used to bake
your grandmother has disappeared completely
and everywhere you lurking on their imitation margarine adhesive on the climate?
With us, so fortunately not. We splash out on real butter, fresh eggs,
fragrant vanilla and chocolate quality.
We bake exclusively by our own homemade recipes,
for which we stand and who love our families for years.
And why our cakes and pies just as good. See for yourself.

170 Tiramisu (our specialty)
most famous Italian dessert that Your love is guaranteed
(1,3,7) 350 g 3,99 €

172 Chocolate cake

excellent delicacy without a single gram flour, just pure chocolate (3,7) 140 g 2.69 €

173 Curd tart lemon

very light and juicy low in fat (1,3,7) 140 g 2.69 €

176 yogurt cream cup with fruit
(1,3,7) 350 g 1.99 €

177 creamy chocolate bar
juicy light bar with delicate chocolate cream. Really great (1,3,7) 140 g 2.29 €

You no longer have to bake, now you can order your favorite cake with us and please yourself and your loved ones real homemade goodness.
No stress before the birthday or the holidays. We bake for you.