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Olivo Restaurant

In the heart of Slovakia , in the historic center of the SNP square in beautiful ancient Banska Bystrica,resides Restaurant Olivo. Have a seat in a stylish , fresh, while cozy rooms and taste our cuisine . 
With love we prepare Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, salads, risotto and also our unique specialties. Pizzeria in Banska Bystrica Olivo will not dissapoint you with taste and size of pizza. You can also enjoy a meal of delicate salmon or grilled specialties . Quality selection of wines from our wine cellar will tickle your taste buds the most pleasant way .
Our professional staff will take care of you while you can enjoy high quality coffee with a unique homemade tiramisu and uplift the most beautiful view of the city.
Let your little children play around in the kids corner, prepared and maintained for your kids with toys and crayons, that will sure brighten their eyes .
Once you try the hospitality and helpfulness of Olivo, your parties, weddings, graduations, christenings and business events, you will not want to organize them elsewhere.
Let us introduce our offer of precisely prepared food, delicious drinks, finger-licking desserts or visit  us for our quality lunch menu, which we choose for you every day from your favorite meals, freshen with various innovations. Please honour us with your visit, because we are already immensely looking forward to you.



In our beautiful restaurant we can prepare for you

All kinds of your celebrations

weddings, graduations, funeral receptions, birthday parties, children's parties, as well as corporate meetings, seminars and parties.

If you are interested, we are happy to advise in the selection Festive menu, which may include the rich buffet.

We love our work and we care about you, our guests and to your satisfaction.
we want you with us feel at home with good friends.
your Olivo Restaurant